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SEO Training Calgary by Experienced SEO Tutor

SEO Training Calgary is provided by Calgary SEO Training Academy. Experienced SEO Tutor provides one on one customized coaching as per requirements of your local business in Calgary. Packaged SEO Courses many times fails to deliver so this personalized approach caters to the needs of specific business requirements.

Our SEO Workshop will cover what to do on a WordPress website of your choice for improving Organic Search Engine Rankings. Once SEO Cource concludes you have a tailored plan for the future. Moreover checklist will help you monitor  your progress.

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Complete Range of SEO Training and Digital Marketing Services in Calgary

SEO Tutoring

Hire experienced and trusted SEO tutor who teach you how to learn finer details of Search Engine Optmization based on your unique brain profile and your present level of knowledge. 

Personalized one on one coaching based on your unique needs and your understanding of Digital Marketing concepts. Your questions and website’s specific issues are addressed in this customized SEO Training.

In person Tutoring

One on One classes

Customized syllabus

WordPress SEO

SEO and WordPress training in Calgary provides extensive training in WordPress Website Search Engine Optimization and its all aspects such as On-page Activities and Off-page Activities . In addition to this, Blogging, Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis and other related topics are also there. If you want to survive in any business in the long run then SEO training is the solution for you.

On Page SEO

SEO Optimized Content

Quality Backlinks

Digital Marketing Consultancy

We develop digital marketing strategies for our clients that result in targeted, relevant, highly customized and cost-effective solutions that deliver measurable returns on your investments.

Perry Minhas, your own Calgary based digital marketing consultant is a highly skilled marketer who understands how to use online strategies to target and convert prospects into customer

Social Media Marketing

Email Subscribers

Online Reputation Management


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Customized SEO Training Course by SEO Expert having 10+ Years of Experience 



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SEO Expert Calgary

Learn SEO step by step from Perry Minhas SEO Expert

In Person SEO Tutoring

Perry Minhas is SEO Consultant and one of the most sought after SEO Trainer in Calgary, Alberta. He has been serving Digital Marketing industry for the last 10 years. With his expert knowledge and experience many small and medium businesses have availed his Internet Marketing and WordPress related services. He has been associated with many businesses in Alberta and North America and has earned immense respect for his expertise.

Perry Minhas is the Calgary SEO Specialist who will try his best to get results. There will be no outsourcing or black hat methods. He is a trusted SEO Coach  and teacher who can help you to climb Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engine’s mountain to success.

Freelancer SEO teacher and mentor Perry Minhas  brings 10+ years of hardcore SEO industry experience, who has designed compaigns and propelled WordPress websites to rank higher in Search Engine Results Page.

Our Awesome SEO Clients

There’s nothing like learning SEO from Perry Minhas, SEO Consultant. It’s clear that Perry is very very passionate about SEO and passing on his methodologies in the training to Local Calgary business owners. His passion along with real stories that span over 10 years of experience makes the course very exciting. This customized SEO training course was exceptional for providing in-depth information and experience in a way that provided a wholistic view of SEO. The topics all worked together, and Perry was able to explain how each topic worked and should be implemented.

Student of Advanced SEO Course

The SEO instructor was clearly very knowledgeable and offered great insight. I Really enjoyed walking through the SEO Tool Set and feel like these tools will help us improve our SEO presence. The instructor was engaging and well versed in the material. The one-to-one Customized SEO course was completely up to date and filled gaps in my understanding of the current SEO landscape. I Loved the insight Perry gave me. Perry is a master. He has the knowledge and explain Digital Marketing practices in detail to bring your business to the front of the Google Search Engine Results Page. 10/10, I would recommend to any business owner who wants to learn SEO or any other Digital Marketing Module

Learner of Basic SEO Course

It takes an intelligent, experienced and convincing SEO trainer to make person like me help understand the finer details of Search Engine Rankings, Local SEO and advanced SEO in such a short period of time !!

You are really an underrated SEO expert Sir. If BUSINESS Owners understand your knowledge and attitude to help them then there will be many more flocking to you to get exceptional Digital Marketing training. Hope you get your deserved dues Sir…..

Knowledge which is most rare. Hats off to you Perry Minhas.U are doing a great job Perry sir . Keep it up

Student of Technical SEO Coaching

Let’s Learn SEO Together!

Learn how to build local audiences through content localizations and optimizing for local search engines with this SEO Course in Calgary. Your trainer is dedicated to helping businesses achieve online success through effective search engine optimization. Let’s embark on this transformative SEO journey together


Some of the syllabus you will learn in Customized SEO Training Course in Calgary

Why your competitors are outranking  you in SERP Rankings

We will run an website Audit and Analysis of highly ranked websites in your niche and try to understand what we need to do outrank them.

How to do the Technical SEO for the website

You will learn how find crawl and indexing issues for your website those may impact your presence in search engines and how  to fix them.

Why is image SEO important part of holistic SEO strategy ? 

A complete 10 point checklist is used to perform image SEO. At Calgary SEO training Academy we believe image SEO makes content easier to interpret and makes website more discoverable.

How to do Content SEO ?

Based on the keyword phrases we found during keyword research module we will learn to build pages for each topic, set up blog, consistent blogging schedule and a proven system to rank in SERP rankings.

How we can do the keyword research in an effective way ?

We will find the high volume money keywords those bring the most revenue and visitors to your industry websites.

How to use the best SEO Tools to rank faster ?

Various tools including some paid tools will be used to learn how those help during various stages of SEO training Calgary.

Complete OnPage SEO Checklist

Comprehensive Onpage SEO is performed in training classes and explained in detail so that our website is not lagging behind on any of the  Google ranking factors.

What is not included in this SEO learning course

Link Building, Offpage SEO, Social Media Marketing is not  part of this customized SEO training course in Calgary. For those topics another courses are there though we may  cover a bit of the above modules.

5 Reasons to choose Calgary SEO Training Academy as your learning centre for Digital Marketing  :

1   Training created by Perry Minhas, Your own Local SEO Expert and Consultant:

There is a reason that Perry Minhas is considered,the best SEO expert in Calgary. By working closely with his clients during affordable SEO classes in Calgary, he makes an action plan to achieve realistic SERP ranking goals and goes step by step to achieve them. Technical, Onpage and Content SEO are covered as it is only with a comprehensive combination of all 3 kinds of SEO that you will see positive results in the SEO field.  SEO Mentor Perry Minhas has in-depth knowledge of the SEO industry and the specific topic of digital marketing or WordPress of which you will be trained. He knows what’s going on in the Internet Marketing industry and the best SEO practices to use.

2  Course Material covers Ebooks, SEO Tools, Assignments, and Quizzes :

Your expert trainer is the writer of the ebook Learning SEO step by step with Perry Minhas and the book is provided free of cost to all the trainees. Daily assignments and weekly quizzes are part of the SEO curriculum. Top SEO Tools SEMRush, SEO Surfer, and Google Search Console are used during the training for insights and better understanding.

3   Customized Syllabus as per your business needs and goals :

Private SEO Tutoring classes are customized to your level of knowledge and free of any Technical terms. You are shown how  to rank your website in a clear and step by step approach with examples. We understant that your business is unique and a generalized course cant rank your website as every industry, website and niche is different. Training fee is also decided after judging the level of  student and his particular requirements.

4   Latest updated syllabus :

As SEO is contantly evolving, there are always some new algorithm update, some breaking news which is quickly updated in our personalized SEO training in Alberta. Our syllabus has been updated even according to the september 2023 Google helpful content update. Latest syllabus enables course learners to analyze and evaluable every ranking factor that impacts Google Rankings in Search Engine Results Page, so as to drive more quality organic visitors to their business website.

5   Reviews and Feedback of SEO Coaching :

At our SEO coaching Institute, we believe in quality over quantity. One student per session is taken and as such till now over a dozen students have successfully completed their SEO Course. Testimonials and reviews of our previous SEO clients could be checked from Google or other  3rd party websites. The fee for the full course is charged in multiples of $500 depending on the scope and modules covered in the basic, advanced or master-level SEO Training in Calgary, Alberta.

Calgary SEO Training Academy provides in-depth knowledge of SEO  techniques under the mentorship of SEO industry professional Perry Minhas and helps you to become an expert in SEO. They provide one-on-one classroom training. They have one of the best SEO Courses in Calgary, Alberta. To become an SEO Specialist, you will need skills in digital marketing, link-building strategies, and content creation. Qualifications may include a degree in marketing, communication, or a related field, experience in Onpage, Technical SEO, and a willingness to learn continuously.

Along with Google Ads Training, we also provide wordpress course calgary. Of late we have started giving Shopify SEO Services in Calgary.