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SEO Expert Calgary Perry Minhas specializes in getting websites to become visible on the top rankings in Google, Bing, and other search engines. Hire Calgary’s top SEO expert now! Mr. Perry Minhas is a well-known and highly experienced SEO specialist who has been working in Calgary, Alberta & globally for the past 10+ years. Being a qualified SEO Trainer, he also devotes some of his time to work as an SEO freelancer in Calgary. Engage an SEO consultant in Calgary to help you grow your small business into a significant brand.

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Complete Range of SEO Services by SEO Specialist in Calgary

Perry Minhas is your expert SEO freelancer in Calgary and offers a full range of SEO services for businesses of all sizes in all industries, including eCommerce. We all know that an informative and professionally designed website is necessary for any online business. But, this website is of little use if it is not visible to our potential business customers online. Do you know ranking higher in Organic search results can bring many new customers to your business? Do you also know Search Engine ranks websites higher on their Search Engine Results Page if they are properly optimized? Perry Minhas, SEO Freelancer provides a complete range of affordable SEO services in Calgary depending on your budget.

Foundational SEO Services

Foundational SEO Services

From the list of Foundational SEO services, you can choose one or more dedicated projects, and then monitor them occasionally afterward. Foundational SEO covers the basic functionalities that optimize your website.

Keyword Research

Website Audit

Competitor's Analysis

Technical SEO

Onpage Setup

Content SEO

Monthly Retainer SEO Calgary

Monthly Retainer

SEO Expert Calgary knows that when it comes to SEO, one strategy doesn’t fit all.  Along with your unique company’s needs, industry, current SEO performance, and goals to formulate a customized SEO strategy tailored specifically to your business needs. If you’re ready to start creating your personalized, revenue-driving SEO strategy, SEO Freelancer Calgary provides affordable monthly retainer SEO services that cover all aspects of SEO process.

$500 : Upto 6 Pages website

$1000 P.M Upto 12 pages website

$2000 : Upto 100 pages website

SEO Consultancy in Calgary

SEO Consultancy

One-on-one personalized SEO Consultancy with SEO freelancer Perry Minhas helps businesses improve their websites’ ranking in search engine results. The goal of an SEO specialist is to make it easier for potential clients of your industry to find you and help you remain ahead of your competitors. Get innovative SEO Solutions from a dedicated SEO Expert.

Perry Minhas is a result-oriented independent SEO Consultant in Calgary who helps startups and local and enterprise Businesses grow their Organic traffic and revenue.

1 to 1 consultancy

Tailored to your business

Link Building services Calgary

Link Building Services

A Link Building Service Powered By SEO Industry Leading Specialist. Get Ahead Of Your Competition. Save Time and Money With Our Link Building Service. Trusted partener that offers affordable SEO services to build incredible backlinks to your website.

Conducting comprehensive analysis of our current backlink profile and identify areas for improvement.

Develop and implement a robust backlink strategy, including identifying potential link-building opportunities and outreach.

Foundation links, Web 2.0, Tiered Links, Contextual links, Guest Blogging and posts

Local Map Pack specialist in Calgary

Local Map Pack

It contains a map and three local business listings relevant to the search. The Local Pack is sometimes called the Map Pack, Snack Pack, or Google 3-Pack. Affordable SEO Local SEO services for small businesses. Prices to suit all budgets. Get Great Prices From Calgary SEO Freelancer Fast & Free.

Verifying Google Business profile

Optimizing Google Business Profile

Google Reviews


Uploading pictures

E-commerce SEO services Calgary

Ecommerce SEO

Professional E-commerce SEO services by SEO Expert. Your Online Shop Deserves Better. Maximize Your Online Sales with an E-commerce SEO Strategy. Partner with the freelancer that will grow your traffic and sales with Search Engine Ranking signal specialist.

Picking right keywords

Competitor's research

Optimize product pages

Optimize product pages

Using Responsive Website Design

Technical SEO Specialist Calgary

Technical SEO Specialist

A technical SEO expert performs everything that helps search engine spiders crawl your website, improving indexing and ultimately, organic search rankings. Technical SEO is a subset of SEO that involves optimizing the infrastructure of your website so it can be easily crawled and indexed by search engines. To optimize the back end of your website, you need the expertise of a technical SEO specialist in Calgary.

Update your page experience: core web vitals

Fix broken internal and outbound links

Make sure your URLs have a clean structure

Make sure your website has an optimized robots.txt file and XML Sitemap

Google Search Console Expert Calgary

Google Search Console Expert

Google Search Console helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your Website’s presence in Google Search Engine Results.  Google Search Console helps you understand and improve how Google sees your Website. It is a collection of tools that enables you to monitor the operation of your website, identify problems, and improve its ranking.

Verifying Website Ownership

Monitoring Indexing and crawling

Identify and fixing errors

Request indexing of new and updated pages

Review internal and Backlinks

SEO Specialist for Local Calgary Market

SEO Specialist for Local Calgary Market

The Calgary SEO specialist offers professional local SEO services to help you rank for those highly coveted geo-targeted keywords. We can help you elevate your online presence in Calgary with our comprehensive SEO Services using proven techniques and strategies for higher rankings.

We specialize in local results that boost your SEO ranking for Calgary and nearby areas. Achieving the # 1 Google Rankings in Calgary requires skilled SEO strategist Perry Minhas. When you hire an SEO specialist, you put yourself at the forefront of your customers’ SERPs, increasing your brand visibility and awareness.
Bing SEO Specialist Services Calgary

Bing SEO Specialist Services

If a business is ignoring Bing for digital marketing then it is your business’s greatest untapped opportunity. Many of us forget that search engines other than Google exist, but the reality is that Bing is a great place to gain visibility online.

Bing and Yahoo (which has been powered by Bing since 2010), dominate up to 10% of the desktop search engine market share in the U.S.

Microsoft Bing Search Algorithm

Bing Search Console

Bing Ranking Factors

Driving Quality Traffic

personal branding services Calgary

Personal Branding services

SEO Freelancer Perry Minhas understands that a strong personal brand is the foundation for a successful business. That’s why he offers personalized Personal Branding Strategy services that help professioanls, CEOs and Business owners develop a clear and compelling brand narrative. If you search on Google for terms like Who is the best SEO Tutor in Calgary or Who is perry minhas in Calgary then you will know the power of personal branding services in Calgary. Experienced branding expert work closely with each client to identify their unique strengths and values, and craft a brand narrative that aligns with their vision and goals. We take the time to get to know our clients and understand their personal and professional achievements and aspirations so that we can develop a unique branding strategy that resonates with their target and potential clients.. 

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

SEO Consultant Perry Minhas has proven Expertise To Drive Awareness, Traffic To Your Business in Calgary, and Leads For Sales.  Our digital marketing expert helps businesses expand their reach online. Internet Marketing will maximize your ROI and drive real results for your business. A Great Online Experience Accelerates Growth, Boosts Profit, and Drives Customer Loyalty. Online presence strategist has the potential and resources to help you achieve all your Internet Marketing Services needs. Schedule a Consultation with SEO Expert Calgary, if you want to make sure your business comes up online all over the internet and across all platforms.


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SEO specialist Calgary

#1 SEO Freelancer in Calgary

Customized SEO Services

You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’ve been looking for a Search Engine Optimization Specialist in Calgary. Employ a committed freelance SEO consultant to get the best results and save money and time. In Calgary, Perry Minhas is a well-known SEO expert. With experience of 10+ years in SEO, he has worked with many businesses from diverse backgrounds and industries. As you came here with a search engine, you have seen my website is already ranking high. 

With a dedicated approach and personalized SEO Strategies, Perry Minhas has carved a niche for himself in the highly competitive SEO Industry of Calgary. I only want to share one small message here, not to brag about my accomplishments. It’s not as difficult to optimize for search engines as it seems. It’s merely a process that takes time and gets better with experience.  Hire SEO freelancer Calgary to help you with a great Search Engine Results Page ranking strategy and guide you professionally.

My message to businesses and professionals seeking SEO and Digital Marketing services is that please be patient and consistent with SEO efforts and watch your organic SERP rankings grow. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

Our Awesome SEO Services Clients

Perry Minhas set himself apart as he is an ethical SEO in a very grey world. He is transparent, credible, and super knowledgeable.
Airdrie SEO Client

Perry Minhas has amazing SEO skills. He was able to get my new site number 1 Google rankings on many organic search terms within 3 months!

SEO Client

Communication was prompt and professional, and he was highly responsive to  our Digital Marketing needs and queries.

Calgary SEO Client

Let’s Calgary SEO Consultant take care of your SEO services needs!

To achieve all the business website objectives, you need to hire an SEO expert who will not only rank your site but also optimize your website content, design, and Website User Experience for conversions. Perry Minhas is a well-known SEO Expert in Calgary. You may receive the greatest organic SEO services for your internet business by hiring him right now for all of your online marketing needs. Our search engine optimization expert in Calgary helps you get quality organic traffic without spending a single Dollar on paid ads networks.


5 Reasons to choose Perry Minhas as your  independent  SEO Specialist in Calgary :

1   Increase the online visibility of your Website

Effective SEO campaigns with proven strategies help to expand your business and work on different levels to rule the competition on the  Search Engine Results Page.

2  Affordable SEO Services :

Our top-notch SEO Services start from as low as $500 P.M and go upwards in the multiples of same. With Perry Minhas as your consultant freelance SEO, you will not spend on a service that your website doesn’t need.

3   Outperform your Online competitors and be on the top

Quality SEO services help you beat your business competitors and rank your website high on the SERP with the #1 SEO freelancer.

Personalized Attention:

SEO Expert Perry Minhas as a freelancer SEO service provider works with fewer clients, to provide more personalized and dedicated attention to your website’s SEO needs. He creates SEO strategies tailored to your niche, target audience, and business goals.

5   Result Oriented

SEO Consultant Perry Minhas has a strong desire to build his Online reputation and gain positive reviews on various digital platforms. As a result, he is highly motivated to deliver excellent results for your business website.

Perry Minhas is the best SEO expert in Calgary, Alberta with no questions asked. His decade-long experience in Local SEO, On-Page and off-page SEO has made him a successful icon for the SEO industry. He is followed and respected by all who are both old and new in the SEO and Digital Marketing industry.

As a well-known Digital Marketing trainer he provides SEO Course in Calgary. Along with Google Ads Training, we also provide WordPress course calgary.